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The Advantages of a WordPress Website

Ryan Mittleman
8 Feb, 2021
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The early days of WordPress were all about blogging. Over the years, its popularity has grown due to its reputation as an easy-to-use, flexible platform.

Today, 64% of CMS based websites are built on WordPress, and 40% of the internet is powered by it.

The big question is, is WordPress right for your business?

We think it is, and here are ten reasons why.

  1. It’s easy to use

You may be the king or queen of your business, but that doesn’t mean you’re a master at website maintenance. That’s the biggest strength of WordPress. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need a working knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS or FTP, or a degree in computing to use it. The WordPress platform allows you to quickly upload images, create pages and blog posts and format text with ease.


  1. Stable and up to date

Regular updates make sure your WordPress website is always working to its optimum. With new features added regularly, your platform will remain stable, secure and relevant to your changing needs.


  1. Flexible

With your WordPress website comes access to plugins that will help you improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation), social sharing, newsletter integration and practically anything else you need to help your business grow. Of course, it’s important to remember to vet each plugin, and we would advise sticking with the ones developed by WordPress.


  1. Search engine optimisation

We already touched on this under ‘flexibility’, but the platform makes your SEO life a lot simpler. As you would expect, various plugins can help you with your optimisation quest. These can be useful when used correctly, which is why it’s essential to use a digital marketing agency that knows how to maximise their impact


  1. Great structure makes for fast speeds

Google loves a fast-loading website. As a platform, WordPress lets you create XML sitemaps. In a nutshell, they tell Google where your web pages are and the best ones to crawl.


  1. Manage your content with ease

We’ve already said you don’t need a degree in computing to work a WordPress website. Managing your content is easy. You can even assign editors, authors and administrators and limit what they can do (should you wish).


  1. Sharing is caring

With an array of plugins and widgets, sharing your content on your social media channels has never been easier, helping you build a strong brand presence.


  1. It’s an open platform

What do we mean by open? Well, as open-source software, WordPress’s source code can be modified or enhanced by anyone. That means it’s being improved every day by developers worldwide, creating new themes and plugins.


  1. Responsive

We talked about the benefits of a responsive website a while ago. It means your website is viewable in any device and optimised for display. That means your users enjoy the same experience, whether on smartphones, tablets, or desktop.


  1. Scalable

Not only is it easy to add pages and blog posts, but your WordPress site’s extensive functionality means it can grow with your business. It can be customised with a range of themes and plugins to create eCommerce functionality, online communities, portfolios and much more, making it the perfect platform for every business.


WordPress makes your online business work

That statement pretty much sums up this entire blog post. Using WordPress as your platform means your business will gain exposure, flexibility and unlimited scalability – it’s essentially future-proof.

It’s important to remember that just because WordPress offers excellent flexibility, it’s better not to undertake your digital journey alone. Having a digital marketing agency on your side will ensure your site is always running to its optimum. Thirty Six Digital will help you make the most of your WordPress website and use its knowledge and know-how to make sure it is optimised and secure. Call the team on 0203 291 1021 today.

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