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Custom Website Design

Template Vs Custom Website Design

A new website is a big milestone for most small and medium-size businesses and not something that should be rushed into without proper consideration. Template Vs Custom Website Design, leaving a good impression will help your business to nurture leads, and an optimal user experience will encourage sales and elevate your brand’s reputation.


However, as a business, you have a choice you need to make: do you opt for a template or a custom website design? Surprisingly, many businesses do in fact choose to go down the template web design route without fully realising the limitations it can pose on their business. After all, your website is going to act as your ‘front of house’ when customers or leads visit your website so it needs to look great and perform exceptionally well.


If you’re wondering what does a web developer do for professional businesses, we’re here to help give you a clearer picture. Read on to discover more about the template vs custom website design choice in front of you or contact get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your brand’s online ambitions.


Aesthetic appeal and brand identity

Custom web design allows your business to craft a truly unique and memorable online presence. A professional web developer has the expertise to fully realise the vision you have for your brand’s online image while also being able to take direct inspiration from the latest web design trends to further bolster aesthetic appeal.


But most importantly, going with a web developer allows you to remain flexible with your web design long into the future. This is crucial if you’re planning to refine your website’s user experience and functionality as part of your overall development goals.


However, on the other side of the coin you’ll find template website design. With templates, nothing about them is unique and there could very well be one or many more businesses out there with the exact same design as you. Importantly, you should take extra care when choosing a web developer as some simply provide template websites instead of creating bespoke versions.



In today’s world, website optimisation is essential for pleasing Google and keeping your business competitive online. With a template, you’re going to be limited in how you’re able to optimise your website in order for it to grow online. Remember that how a template-design website looks on the outside doesn’t necessarily reflect how it’s working on the inside.


A web developer is able to optimise a custom website design from the ground up, giving it far more clout and a better reputation in eyes of Google. Having a good, well-designed user experience should result in visitors staying on your website for longer periods of time; which is picked up by Google’s engagement metrics. Additionally, custom website designs can be professionally tweaked to decrease page load times, include meta data, and SEO content for further benefit to your business’ online presence.



Security has developed into a huge concern for businesses over recent years and for good reason. Flaws in your code or outdated third-party plugins can expose your website and customers’ sensitive data to hackers, leaving your business wide open to fines and reputational damage.


In the template vs custom website argument, template designs are considerably riskier when it comes to security. For starters, you have no idea who really created the template, meaning it could have been intentionally designed to have a backdoor that allows hackers in. But, with template designs, you’re inevitably more reliant on third-party plugins which all have to be routinely updated to ensure they are secure and free from exploitable bugs.


A professional custom website design gives you peace of mind as you can do away with many third-party plugs and have a complete understanding over the provenience of your website. However, with a professional web developer at your side, your business can hand over many of its the security-related obligations to be taken care of by experts as and when necessary.


The future

Like your other business technology, a website can get old too. You may start to notice dips in performance or it might become obviously clear that its design is just out of date. Sadly, a template leaves you stuck with what you went for at the time unless you hire a web developer to make changes. But, in this case it would have been better to have commissioned your own custom website design in the first place.


At Thirty Six Digital, we use the latest web design technology, such as WordPress Gutenburg to help our clients’ websites looking great, functioning optimally and ensuring they remain futureproof. If you’d like to learn more about how our team can take your business to new heights in the online space, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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