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Crafting a Website That Captures the Attention of The World’s Leading Organisations

Uptown Hack has been solidifying its position as a leading hackathon organiser in the UK. Our team needed to push the barriers with website design in order to capture the essence of what makes their hackathons so exceptional and awe inspiring.

The Brief

Working with prestigious companies such as Facebook and Deloitte, Uptown Hack knows all too well how important it is to go above and beyond client expectations. Their team designs bespoke hackathons and hosts them at stunning locations across London and the UK, including venues such as the Science Museum and Farnham Castle.

The Solution

Unsurprisingly, Uptown Hack’s dedication to excellence was something we were keen to convey in the design of the website. Our team worked diligently to design and develop a truly stunning website, incorporate key requests, and thoughtfully optimise the user experience.

“Thirty Six Digital was able to create a website for us in order to showcase the events we have produced and to tell potential clients what we could do for their event.

Thirty Six Digital took control of the design and creative for the website and we are really happy with what was produced. “

Adam Phillips
Director, Uptown Events Ltd