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wordpress website maitenance

How Important Is WordPress Website Maintenance?

For most businesses, a website acts as a means to attract new customers, make sales, and reinforce their brand’s image online. While this was all businesses needed to worry about in the past, technology has changed, meaning it’s more important than ever before to have a WordPress website maintenance strategy in place.

Symantec alone helps its customers to block 953,800 web attacks every day. So, having an unmaintained website really does leave your business open to a range of serious security threats. But, there’s also the risk of losing website traffic and not being able to provide your customers with an optimal user experience. Thankfully, a WordPress maintenance service can help your business to stay ahead of software updates, security threats, and many other things.

Thankfully, a WordPress maintenance service can help your business to stay ahead of software updates, security threats, and many other things.

To speak to our experienced team about our WordPress maintenance service, please contact us now.

You can’t simply go live and forget about WordPress website maintenance

Maintaining a website is like maintaining a car. You can’t keep it going without checking the oil or the tyre pressures. There’s a whole host of things that could go wrong and you wouldn’t actually know about it until it’s too late. Having your website go offline frequently or perform poorly can add up damaging your business’ sales potential.

So, what kind of threats and issues will website maintenance help to protect your company’s website against?

Your website will go offline as little as possible

Having out-of-date plugins and security patches is the easiest way for your business to experience serious issues with your website. But, even if you are staying on top of this, you’ll need to have one or more backup of your website available. If there’s a serious problem with your website, having a backup will allow your business get back online quickly. Without one, you could be offline for a significant amount of time or you end up losing data that’s irretrievable.

You’ll stay ahead of digital security threats and protect against breaches

The world of online security threats has become far more sinister since the early days of the internet. Now, there’s a lot more at stake for businesses, namely, losing critical customer data to cybercriminals. For example, ‘Formjacking’ (the act of adding malicious code into a website’s contact form) was identified and blocked by Symantec 3.6 million times in 2018.

A WordPress maintenance service will help to keep your website up to date so that criminals cannot access customer data or hijack your website through what is known as a ‘backdoor’. Additionally, security threats can be tracked in real time so there can always be a quick response to any illegal attempt to gain access to your website.

Your company will stay fully legally compliant

With the age of GDPR being well underway, businesses have to ensure they’re meeting all of their obligations online. Losing or sharing customer data inappropriately can have dire consequences for those involved. A website maintenance team will help your business to stay fully compliant with data protection legislation so that you won’t be liable for any kind of fine or sanction.

You’ll maintain a positive brand image

Like a physical store, a website acts as a way for businesses to project the professional image they want to their customers. Having a professionally designed website is one way to impress your customers, but having an optimised user experience (UX) is just as important. Slow website load speed, offline webpages, broken links, and so on will leave a bad impression on your customers and may end up costing you sales. Additionally, a website maintenance team can help you to carry out A/B testing to help you determine the best UX experience for your customers.

Your costs will be lower

As with any emergency situation, you’ll probably end up paying more to resolve it than you will have paid to prevent it every arising. This is typical with maintaining a website as issues can lead companies to paying high costs in order to resolve an issue quickly, such as a downed website or faulty web pages. With a company helping to maintain your website your business can keep ahead of these issues for a far more reasonable price.

You’ll keep up with Search engine optimisation (SEO)

You should think of Google as your silent partner when it comes to your online operations. However, Google is more than just a partner, they’re the gatekeeper that really allows your business to reach new customers. But, what’s the price you’ll need to pay? Thankfully, keeping Google happy involves having a responsive website, fast load times, and relevant content. A WordPress maintenance service will help identify any weak areas through an audit process and then work to optimise them.

Are you looking for professional help to maintain your WordPress website or would you like to talk to our team about any of the issues we’ve listed here? To get in touch with us about your WordPress website maintenance, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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