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3 New “Normal” Digital Marketing Strategies

Ryan Mittleman
26 Nov, 2020
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For most businesses, a website acts as a means to attract new customers, make sales, and reinforce their brand’s image online. While this was all businesses needed to worry about in the past, technology has changed, meaning it’s more important than ever before to have a WordPress website maintenance strategy in place.

Accepting the new normal for what it is doesn’t mean you’re going to have to rewrite the book on digital marketing. Quite the opposite, in fact. Thankfully, there’s already been a lot discovered about the change in online consumer habits and how businesses can best leverage these to their advantage.

So, with much of the hard work having already been done for you, all you need to do is choose new normal digital marketing strategies that work for your business. But, if you need experienced help to get your online marketing strategy off the ground, Thirty Six Digital is here to help. Contact us now and let’s schedule a time to talk.


Choosing your online marketing strategies

Put an emphasis on personalisation

Communication plays a vital role in all kinds of online marketing strategies. Today, however, during this time of unease and worry, getting your communication approach right is more important than ever before. People aren’t responding in the same way to direct, sales-driven online marketing strategies. Instead, tactful and patently honest messaging is resonating with people during these uncertain times. Present your business as a company that’s there to do more than just sell a service or product – you’re there to help your customers too in this challenging time if at all possible.

So, you can’t afford to lose sight of how you personalise your communications with customers. But, the coronavirus crisis has totally saturated the communication channels businesses use for their online marketing strategies. To combat this, and if you’re not already doing so, start putting plan in motion to create personalised videos, web pages, email content, paid ads, offers, and anything else you can think of. Utilise profile data (such as customer names, ages, and preferences) with behavioural data (how customers interact with your brand) to fine tune your new normal digital marketing strategy.

Make your business stand out to customers in a meaningful way by combining your data sets – think bigger than just adding a customer’s name to your messaging.

Remember that customers need to be able to access or purchase your goods and services without difficulty

Focus on customer experience (CX)

With more people working from home than ever before, spontaneous purchases have become one of the leading consumer behaviour trends. And with customer expectations having been on the rise for a number of years, now is the time to make changes to your CX.

Customers need to be able to access or purchase your goods and services without difficulty. So, low-touch options are great in combination with a straightforward delivery system for those isolating within their homes. For example, education centres are now offering their lessons online via video link and supermarket chains have expanded their home delivery options. But, you can also reach new customers by offering extended free trials and making previously paywalled information free.

Should you have any physical steps in the customer journey, ensure that your business is doing its upmost to maintain a safe, sterile environment, provide PPE for staff, and install touch-free payment options. It’s this kind of consideration about your customers and employees that will resonate in the minds of those you serve, long after the coronavirus crisis is over.

If your business doesn’t already have a customer support live chat feature, now is the time to add one. Customers have more time to make enquiries and a proactive live chat can help to resolve issues, connect customers to your employees, and uncover customer intent and behaviour patterns. In the long run, this helpful addition to your website will help your business to gain customer loyalty.

But whatever you do, make sure that you are taking care of your employees too. Their wellbeing directly affects their output and customer relations performance – your operation depends on them being at their best. Listen to their feedback in order to gain insight on the how consumer habits are changing on a daily and weekly basis. This will help you to fine tune your CX and stay ahead of emerging issues.

Don’t underestimate video marketing in the new normal

Video marketing has generally proven itself difficult to gain valid returns from, until now. New normal digital marketing strategies are going to depend on utilising video in order to connect brands and customers together. Now, flashy, high-production-value videos are out, with low-budget videos being the form of choice. Why? They look nothing like ads or promotional videos, making them less likely to be skipped.

Live streams have been popular for a while now, but since the advent of coronavirus, people working from home have the opportunity to dive into a live stream at moments where they might not have previously been able to. Evaluate whether your business has an opportunity to broadcast a livestream and how this might help you to better engage with new and existing customers.

If your business is going through a difficult time because of the coronavirus crisis, Thirty Six Digital is here to provide you with the expertise you need to navigate the waters ahead. To speak with our experienced team about digital marketing or web design and development, please contact us now.

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